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Biding Chop Cider Company

Biding Chop Cider Company


Design, Concepting

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Identity, Packaging, Cider

Biding Chop Cider Company is a cider company out of Nashua, NH focused on small batches and innovative approaches to ingredients in cider brewing. The scope of this project was to create an identity and bottle design that reflected a woodsman/lumberjackaesthetic while highlighting the company’s New Hampshire pride. 

Staple & Season Cider Labels

For Biding Chop’s staple, year-round cider selection we went with a classic kraft paper label with black stamped logo and Cider Name/Info stamp that changed with each cider.

From there we wanted to create more excitement and draw the viewer in with season and special release ciders. The solution was to have a printed pattern label for all limited releases.

The initial Biding Chop lineup is set to include their year round selection of Little Babe and J, with a limited release of Juice Box and two versions of Chop.