Stubby Duckworth

National Psoriasis Foundation

National Psoriasis Foundation


Design, Concepting

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Print, Digital Marketing

Freelance print material and digital marketing campaigns for the National Psoriasis Foundation.

Know What’s Possible Print Ad

Advertisement based off a previously established campaign VC, to be ran across multiple print publications. As seen in TIME Health, People Health, and NPF Advance.

Psoriasis Action Month Campaign


For this project I was tasked with developing the campaign identity, along with establishing a campaign visual center and executing buildout for over 35 campaign assets.

The initial identity pitch consisted of three unique directions with some usage examples of how the identity would translate into a campaign.

Once we landed on a direction, I built out an initial set of digital campaign assets while providing a visual center for NPF to continue to build additional campaign assets from the inside.

Instagram Takeover Graphic

Instagram Takeover Graphic

WALK Campaign T-Shirt Concepts

T-Shirt graphic concepts based off the prompts “Every Step Matters” and “Steps, Stories, Strength” for NPF’s annual WALK event.


Annual Report

My first project with the National Psoriasis Foundation was a full redesign of their annual report with a two week turnaround. I was asked to create more overall hierarchy throughout the report as well as re-approach the use of typography. Most of the content and graphics were provided but some pages and graphs required full overhauls.


PsA Awareness Month

For this project I took NPF’s PsA Awareness Month campaign, from concept through completion.
Assets included a logo, social media banners, five sizes of site banners, and email banners while providing live files and direction for NPF’s in house team to create supplemental campaign assets.

PsA Diagnosis Project Leave Behind Brochure