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Bull Run Craft Cannabis is a small farm on the Bull Run Watershed outside of Boring, Oregon. Bull Run was the first name on a short list of local brands that I wanted to work with based on a personal appreciation of product quality, presentation, and overall brand aesthetic. Bull Run was one of the first cannabis farms that I took notice of upon moving to Oregon. Strong branding and what truly felt like a company that cared about more than just selling weed was what made them stand out in a flooded market.

In the fall of 2017 I was roughly six months into full time freelancing and reached out to Bull Run via a contact form on their website. Not even a few hours after I reached out to Bull Run to tell my story and connect for possible work, I received a wonderfully warm email from co-owner John Plummer.

Tri-Fold Informational Brochure

After a few weeks of keeping in touch, John reached out with my first Bull Run project: an informational leave-behind aimed to educate the consumer on terpenes and how they play into the flavor and effect of cannabis. My solution for this piece was a tri-fold brochure on an 8.5x11" sheet. The concept was to have the "meat" of the content (education on terpenes) be the big reveal of the inner spread once the trifold was opened. The lead-in pages before the terpenes education give a great overview of the company story and their grow practices, while the back of the brochure covers the finer details, like where to find them on social media and what merchandise they currently offer.

Cannagar Postcards

From there the relationship grew from a cold email freelance gig, to a long-term friendship. I've been lucky enough to stay a part of Bull Run across various projects since that initial project. From visiting the farm to photograph the latest harvest, to designing leave-behinds and packaging for their collaborations with Hamilton Cannagars, working with Bull Run has been an absolute blast.

Working with Bull Run on cannabis consumer education has gotten me excited for the future of the industry. We are at the forefront of cannabis legalization and designers today are setting the tone of the first wave of legal cannabis marketing and design. Being part of that and being able to help establish  a message of overall company consciousness and sustainability within such a new industry is more than I could ever ask for.

Strain Icons

A set of icons for all of the Bull Run strains to be used in their C02 extract catridridges.


Early Silvertip icon explorations.

Oil Cartridge Menu

Oil cartridge menu and pricing sheet intended for B2b use, updated periodically with new and rotating strains.


Cannagar Bands

Harvest Photos