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Casablanca Coffee Roasters

Casablanca Coffee Roasters


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Identity, Packaging, Coffee

Brand identity and packaging concepts for Wilmington, NC coffee roasters Casablanca. The project brief included a strong desire to tie the physical space of the roasting facility and cafe into the brand identity, and have the coffee bags “live” seamlessly within the space. Details considered were the red brick and Guatemalan tile of the cafe interior, the archways leading into the building, and the magnolia trees that covered the stand-alone property.

For typography, they asked for a timeless lockup and key words for the feel included feminine-leaning and airy. The brand wanted to be warm and approachable for all coffee drinkers, and not feel like an exclusive specialty cafe. Ultimately the company chose to move in a different direction, but the explorations I presented still hold some of my own personal favorite type and packaging concepts.

Casablanca Coffee Roasters: Concept A

Casablanca Coffee Roasters Concept B

Casablanca Coffee Roasters Concept C