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Perfect Daily Grind


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Digital Design, Identity Design

Digital marketing design and brand development for London-based specialty coffee publication Perfect Daily Grind.

Project Overview

I started working for PDG by handling their daily Instagram article posts, along with some advertising work for third party brands advertising on PDG’s site and some small internal assets.

As Perfect Daily Grind evolved, so did my role. PDG started taking on more coffee consulting gigs and got involved with more events, in addition to running the online publication. As the brand transformed I saw myself developing branding for coffee festivals in El Salvador, a rebrand for coffee app out of Myanmar, and brand consulting for farms in Guatemala.

My time with PDG gave me the opportunity to work with some of my favorite coffee brands and people from across the globe, including Aeropress, Sasa Sestic, and Swiss Water Decaf.

2017 Media Kit

Full media kit refresh pitch for 2017.


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